Santa Fe School of Cooking, 125 North Guadalupe, Santa Fe, NM 87501



As many of our friends no doubt know, for many years, the Inn has partnered with the Santa Fe School of Cooking to offer our tasty and ever-popular Muy Sabrosa Cooking School Package. The School has settled in nicely to their ample new facility at 125 North Guadalupe and has made a wise choice in bringing Tracy Pikhart Ritter on board as the new Culinary Director. Tracy is well-know to Santa Fe foodies as the chef/owner of the late but still lamented Whistling Moon Cafe. We thought we’d take some time to introduce this inventive chef to those who love the unique cuisine of New Mexico.

Tracy Talks Chile!

Q. Who inspired you to cook professionally?

A. I had cooked for many years in NYC, yet never really took it all that seriously…I was planning on going back to accounting or textile’s. It was a good friend, Stacy Crespi, that suggested we walk to Soho to see the new French Culinary Institute..The rest is history…Then Marcy Blum encouraged me..She became my mentor.

Q. What brought you to Santa Fe?

A. A visit to a friend after I left the Golden Door Spa in CA, and Rancho La Puerta in Mexico. I came here to help her plant trees,  the beauty of the land, and a job offer from Bobby & Judy to be executive Chef at SantaCafe.

How Much is That Cookware in the Window? The Ones with the Waggly Tails!

Q. What is your favorite cooking utensil?

A. Currently a micro-plane and a vitamixer and La Chamba cookware available at the Santa Fe School of Cooking.

Q. What was your most unforgettable kitchen disaster?

A. Losing a lobster claw during New Years Eve service – they were all accounted for!  It was a challenge. I eventually found it.

Q. If you could have a meal prepared for you by any chef, who would it be and why?

A. I would enjoy a meal prepared by Maxime Bilet, for his approach and contribution to modern cooking technology. He is also a graduate of the culinary academy I attended many years prior. I would love to see the change in styles.

Q. If you could cook for someone special, who would that be and why?

A. My mom – she passed away right before I started to cook. I think she would have been very proud, since I never cooked as a child.

Q. What do you do to relax when you’re not whipping up a culinary masterpiece?

A. I like to bike ride, spin and hike…a fun meal out is always nice

Q. Do you have a special autumn harvest favorite to share?

A. Pumpkin anything really…I kind of like pumpkin cupcakes that we decorate for the kids.

Tracy and Noe Check It Out!

Q. The State question, red or green?

A. Christmas…unless it is my chef de cuisine Noe’s  Red Chile…