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The Inn on the Alameda blog is a joint contribution by Joe and Michael Schepps. Here you will find a finely curated historical perspective on New Mexico.

About the Authors:
Joe: Joe studied history at Stanford and passed on a lifelong love learning to his son Michael.  Moving to Santa Fe almost four decades ago, Joe found a city full of change and excitement, where the past was very much present, and integrated himself into the business community and the hospitality industry.  Currently living most of the time in the historically significant community of San Miguel de Allende in Mexico, Joe continues to indulge his passion for history and for Santa Fe with his blog.

Michael: Born and raised in Santa Fe, Michael Schepps attended the University of British Columbia, studying archaeology and anthropology.  His work has taken him from the Dundas Islands of Northern British Columbia to the temples of Luang Prabang, Laos.  He currently lives in Portland, Oregon where he owns his own business and continues to be a passionate amateur historian with a continuing interest in New Mexico



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