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Santa Fe Dance goes East…Far East!

Nrityagram Dance Ensemble performs at the Lensic Performing Arts Center 211 West San Francisco St.  Santa Fe NM at 7:0pm on Friday, April 8, 2011 Tickets: http://www.ticketssantafe.org/tsf We’re lucky here in Santa Fe…lucky that so many people want to come … Continue reading

Free Money, Free Rest

Free Money? If only! But the fabled money tree does exist, even if the money is just paper! As I wound down a sojourn in the midwest, I continued my search for free entertainment, especially welcome in these economic times … Continue reading

Making the Most of Free

Having just had a great free viewing experience at the Cleveland Museum of Art, I set out to explore other free art options here in my hometown. While not all museums have the luxury of an endowment that allows for … Continue reading

Santa Fe Recycled Art Fair: What Santa Fe Artists Do With Other People’s Cast-Offs

Yes, it’s over, but it sure was interesting! Everything but the kitchen sink, and maybe that was there too, and I just didn’t see it! The Santa Fe Recycled Art Fair was held last weekend at El Museo Cultural – … Continue reading