Santa Fe can rightly claim the title of margarita capital of the country. Tequila made its debut in the United States in Santa Fe as an import carried along a 1,200-mile stretch from Mexico City.
Today, visitors to Santa Fe can enjoy participating in the Margarita Trail, stopping off at different locations around Santa Fe to sample different takes on the margarita.

Tourism Santa Fe launched the Margarita Trail as part of the Cinco de Mayo celebrations in 2016. The trail featured 31 local restaurants and bars offering various margarita versions. Since then, 16 more establishments have joined the Margarita Trail. Participants receive a stamp from each establishment that they stop at to sample a margarita. You can pick up your Margarita Trail Passports from the Santa Fe Visitor Centers. Old Passports can be exchanged for the current Passport at no charge, and stamps transfer to the new version. The passport allows users to collect stamps, earn prizes, and get a $1 discount on each signature margarita. Smartphone users can also download an interactive Margarita Trail app to help them explore the trail.

The Margarita Trail features a rewards program as an incentive for collecting stamps. Collecting five stamps earns a Margarita Trail T-Shirt. Participants who collect ten stamps earn provisional membership in the Margarita Society. 15 stamps give a participant full membership. Margarita Society members attend invitation-only social gatherings and lectures and receive the quarterly newsletter, Margarita Insider. Individuals who earn 20 stamps receive an autographed copy of The Great Margarita Book by former Maria’s owner Al Lucero. Individuals collecting 30 stamps received a branded bartender’s kit. Everyone who completes the Margarita Trail receives a VIP Margarita Package.

Joe’s Tequila Bar at the Inn on the Alameda is one of the can’t-miss stops along the Margarita Trail. As one of the Margarita Trail’s original establishments, Joe’s Tequila Bar offers a wide variety of tequilas designed to satisfy tequila purists and adventurous connoisseurs. Joe’s Tequila Bar serves more than tequila. We also offer wine, beer, and other spirits. Our menu includes delicious Southwestern-inspired appetizers and entrees, including vegetarian and gluten-free dishes, on the menu. Come and enjoy a drink and a bite today!