Ojo Caliente Mineral Springs Resort & Spa

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image from blogs.kasa.com

Ojo Caliente Mineral Springs Resort & Spa: The village of Ojo Caliente, situated along US 285, a brief detour off the road to or from Taos, NM, is home to natural hot springs that have rejuvenated visitors for thousands of years. The earliest human settlers, ancestors of today’s Native American Pueblo people, built their settlements here to take advantage of the naturally occurring iron, lithia, soda and arsenic springs at the base of sandstone cliffs. Spanish Conquistadors who came through in the 1540s believed they had discovered the mythical Fountain of Youth. Today, an upgraded spa complex with a lovely restaurant offers modern visitors the same chance to soak away aches, pains and a variety of ailments in a series of natural pools with temperatures ranging from 80 to 109 degrees.


The pools are what make Ojo Caliente so attractive to so many people, and boast a wide-range of health benefits:

  • The Soda Spring is the “steam” pool on location and is nestled inside a cave-like room, surrounded by rock walls. Water from this spring is thought to relieve digestive problems.
  • The Iron Spring boasts soft, bubbling water that adds to the calm and relaxation of Ojo Caliente. The iron in this cliff-side pool is considered to benefit the immune and blood system.
  • The Lithia Spring is thought to aid in digestion as well as relieve depression!
  • The Arsenic Spring – yes, you read that correctly – is believed to benefit arthritis, stomach ulcers, and to heal a range of skin conditions.

Call the Resort for Additional Info: 505-583-2233 or 800-222-9162; Visit the Website



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