Ghost Ranch

65770_10150657301157122_1885250345_nGhost Ranch Education and Retreat Center: An hour north of Santa Fe near Abiquiu, NM, lies 21,000 acres of blue sky, red earth, and sculpted mesas. A land that bridges the gap between past and present, The Ghost Ranch houses the remains of Triassic dinosaurs that populated the land when New Mexico was buffeted by monsoons and covered in water. The modern history of The Ghost Ranch began in 1766 when Pedro Martin Serrano received the land from Charles III of Spain. Since then, the land has been visited by famous artists including Georgia O’Keeffe and Ansel Adams, and it continues to live in the public eye in movies like No Country for Old Men.



While many people visit The Ghost Ranch merely to see the land and light, the Education and Retreat Center offers a wealth of opportunities and activities for visitors:

  • Ruth Hall Museum of Paleontology: Visit a museum that preserves and displays the remains of Triassic dinosaurs, including the local discovery, Coelohysis
  • Tours: Take a tour of the landscapes that fill the paintings of Georgia O’Keeffe, and set the stage for popular movies including The Lone Ranger and Cowboys and Aliens
  • Outdoor Activities: Soak in the wonder of the land on one of three hiking trails, or travel down 8 miles of the Rio Chama on a raft
  • Workshops: Better yourself in one of over 200 workshops in diverse topics including astronomy, health and wellness, photography, writing, and more



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