Yes, it’s over, but it sure was interesting! Everything but the kitchen sink, and maybe that was there too, and I just didn’t see it!

The Santa Fe Recycled Art Fair was held last weekend at El Museo Cultural – a great venue, by the way, for an affair of this nature, with a photography show taking place on the one side of this enormous space and what appeared to be an audition for a play on the other – this is an annual event for Santa Fe’s artists to show what they can do with detritus of all kinds.

I missed the fashion show, but spent a good hour wandering and admiring. I have to say the creations that had the most resonance for me personally were those that were functional as well as artistic. I enjoy “Art” as much as the next person, but somehow the idea of turning cast-offs into something useful (I particularly liked the lamps and messenger bags) seemed to give the flotsam and jetsam more purpose and dimension beyond beauty and craftsmanship. That’s just me, of course….