What are YOU doing for Earth Hour? A global grass-roots movement begun in 2007 that encourages consumers large and small around the world to join in positive environmental action, Earth Hour can help you show your commitment to Planet Earth by merely switching off your lights for one designated hour.

Taking place on Saturday, March 26, 2011, from 8:30-9:30pm local time, this year’s global effort plans to show that the actions of people, businesses and governments around the world can reduce the environmental impact that they, by necessity, help to create. By establishing a simple protocol and encouraging others to join this inter-connected community, Earth Hour participants can engage in dialogue and resource-sharing that will hopefully aid in the search for real-life solutions to the environmental challenges we share as Citizens of Planet Earth.

The Planet Earth by Nick Greene

The highlight of Earth Hour 2011 will be seen when many of the world’s most iconic landmarks go dark for one designated hour, with millions of people, transcending race, creed, age, culture and geography, simply by switching off lights in unison as a global celebration to protect the one thing that unites us all, our planet! Just use your imagination to see a wave of darkness circling the globe as the clock strikes 8:30pm on each time meridian.

Here in Santa Fe, already known for peace, quiet and environmental awareness, the Inn on the Alameda will help celebrate Earth Hour locally by encouraging  guests to leave guest room lights darkened or dimmed, particularly during the designated Earth Hour time of 8:30-9:30pm MST. Safety requirements naturally prevent us from fully darkening the property, but during Earth Hour, we will be dimming non-essential lighting to show our support for this global initiative.  The Inn’s commitment to environmental awareness extends to our sponsorship of the Santa Fe River through the Santa Fe Watershed Association Adopt-a-River initiative. In addition, we reuse and recycle all in-house paper forms, as well as aluminum and newsprint, and our gardens are xeriscaped in conjunction with the water-conservation methods necessary for high desert dwellers.

Lower the light like the sun does!

To acknowledge our debt to the planet that hosts us so generously, consider a candle-lit hour of pleasant conversation at the dinner table, free of electric lights, computer screens and televisions…or turn out the house lights and take a walk in the clement spring evening weather….whatever you do, it will only take one hour to say thanks to our Mother Earth!