You probably have your favorite secret vice, and if you’re like us, it might just be….CHOCOLATE! We know that this Old World substance has garnered new respect and resonance today, when it is actually considered healtly, albeit in smaller doses than we might desire!

We are inviting all chocolate-lovers, chocolatiers, and plain old contest fans to enter our Chocolate Photo Contest on Facebook to possibly win a two night Check-in to Chocolate stay here in Santa Fe, NM, with its culinary mix of both Old and New Worlds!

It’s really very simple, no gimmicks or tricks. Just post your most delicious photograph of a decadent chocolate delight on our Chocolate Contest page, and we’ll pick one winner who will savor the Santa Fe Chocolate Trail as our guest. Your picture can be anything chocolate, homemade or store-bought, simple or complex, melting or baked to a crisp, just make our mouths water when we look at it.

The contest ends on February 29, so get into the kitchen or the supermarket or the chocolate specialty store, and start snapping…we’re waiting to reward one Champion of Chocolate! And even if you don’t win, keep us in mind for a sweet stay in Santa Fe…we’d love to have you Check-in to Chocolate with us!