At the Inn on the Alameda, we take tequila very seriously. We’re passionate about the spirit and love to share our love of it with our customers. We want to educate you about tequila and help you find the right tequila for you.

To that end, we curate our collection by NOM so you can see which distilleries made each of the tequilas we feature. Today, we want to teach you about NOM and why it is essential for tequila drinkers.

What is a NOM?

NOM stands for Norma Oficial Mexicana. The NOM is the official Mexican standard of tequila. That number represents the distillery where that tequila was produced and certifies that that distillery meets the legal standards tequila producers must adhere to when making tequila. It is a four-digit number you can find on the back of every bottle of tequila.

What can you learn from a NOM?

You can use the NOM to learn more about the distillery where that tequila was made. It can be used to help you evaluate the quality of the tequila you are drinking.

There are more than 1,400 registered brands of tequila but only about 140 licensed tequila distilleries in Mexico. Each licensed distillery has its own unique NOM, and any tequila produced at that distillery will carry that number. This means that each of those distilleries is associated with a number of tequila brands that, while distinct brands, share the same NOM.

Will tequilas with the same NOM taste the same?

Not necessarily. They’re all made at the same distillery using the same equipment. The different brands with the same NOM can taste similar but with different profiles based on a variety of factors, including where the agave that was used came from. If you find a tequila you like, you may enjoy other brands with the same NOM.

At Joe’s Tequila Bar, we offer a wide variety of tequilas to satisfy both the conservative and the adventurous. Stop by and sample tequilas from the same or different NOMs. We even offer flights to allow you to explore and learn more about tequila.