Welcome back to better days!

This is Joe, the proud owner of the Inn on the Alameda.

What has this past year been like? Well, kinda like waiting for Christmas, Chanukah, your birthday, and the 4th of July all rolled into one. You can add to it waiting for the bell to ring at the end of Algebra 3 class, or to get out of the dentist chair, or for school to end and summer to begin. But finally, the waiting is ending, and it could not have come sooner for me, the Inn, or Santa Fe, and I am sure for you, our great guests.

Hundreds of our daffodils and tulips have raised their heads from their beds and are already up and growing.  You can feel the lilacs, wisteria, forsythia, aspens, and rose bushes starting to wipe the sleep out of their buds. For many avid gardeners, this can actually be the most beautiful time of year, the awakening of dormant plants, and the annual return of migrating birds on vacation for the winter. Just like our hotel’s beautiful gardens and cozy rooms, a spring stay in Santa Fe is full of charm, warm sunshine, and relaxation. 

Inn on the Alameda spring

At the Inn on the Alameda, we are like family, and that’s how we treat our guests. Our loyal staff are friendly, knowledgeable, and welcoming and often develop friendships with our repeat guests.

We truly care about you and take pride in giving you an authentic — and safe — Santa Fe experience.

Through our commitment to safety as an NM Safe Certified business — combined with statewide progress — we can now consider a return to relative normalcy. A year ago I scratched my head speculating what the “new normal” would be like. Well, it appears it will just be a better old normal! America is a country founded on travel, all the way over the Atlantic from Europe and then across the Great Plains, over the Rockies, and on to the Pacific Ocean. Then centuries later, people began migrating from Asia, over the Pacific,  populating the nation on an eastern pilgrimage. We are a country of travelers, and we are itching to get out of our cocoons, spread our wings, and take off with the freedom we have grown to expect as almost our birthright. Now, every day will be safer, brighter, fresher, freer, better appreciated. So, we wait to welcome all of our regular returning guests and to meet new ones. This will be a wonderful time for all! I promise. 

We look forward to welcoming you to the Inn. Call us directly at (505) 309-4509 to plan your stay with our reservation specialists. Stay safe and see you soon!