The Canyon Road Farolito Walk

For most visitors to Santa Fe – not to mention those of us fortunate enough to live here – the highlight of the Christmas Season has to be the Farolito Walk on Canyon Road (and adjacent old Spanish calles) on … Continue reading

Cloud-hidden, Whereabouts unknown

Ever since our recent snow, the mountains above Santa Fe have been shrouded in thick clouds, the middle and higher peaks invisible behind the grey and white stratus that broods over the ranges. Since it’s only a short drive from … Continue reading


So if you are lucky enough to be staying with us here at Inn on the Alameda, perhaps in one of our snug little casitas like the one above, this morning you’d be waking up to a hushed world of … Continue reading

The Mystery of Christmas: Las Posadas

A cold winter night and the overriding need to seek shelter. Cruel setbacks from those in high places. Persistence in the face of denial. And at last, a humble welcome among the beasts and the straw, a place to rest, … Continue reading

For your inner Naturalist

I know this is the time of year when cultural offerings in Santa Fe become almost overwhelming, with the Christmas season approaching like the Polar Express. Night falls early and the orange farolitos glow from every rooftop in Old Santa … Continue reading

The Breath of Winter

I know it’s not nearly as impressive as what those of you back East are enjoying right now, but here in Northern New Mexico, it’s been getting down below freezing most nights for the past two or three weeks, and … Continue reading

Santa Fe: What is There to Do In Early December?

The short answer would be LOTS! With the onset of the holiday season, Santa Fe, like so many other wonderful destinations, comes alive! The wind is crisp, the scent of pinon is on the air, and holiday lights are lit. … Continue reading

Santa Fe Open House at IAIA

The Institute of American Indian Arts is located at 83 Avan Nu Po Road in Santa Fe, New Mexico While many cities can boast an art school or two, Santa Fe has unusual bragging rights by virtue of having an … Continue reading

Santa Fe for Families

Santa Fe is a wonderful destination for kids of all ages, but when the younger ones come along, sometimes it’s a bit of a challenge to find something that will engage them in new ways. Art galleries and elegant restaurants … Continue reading

Santa Fe Red Reporting for New Mexico Elections

Engaging and educational! That’s what I would call a sudden opportunity to help cover the midterm elections for Albuquerque Public Radio, KANW-FM. Although I’ve been a conscientious voter since I first registered, this was the first time I’ve had any … Continue reading


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